Where bald eagles make their wings, and smooth waters and fish form rings. Somehow the wind tames the trees,

Song: When Joy Erupts

When Joy Erupts


The songs they sing

The birds do their thing

But you… you left no doubt

Life was full of joy

Love was what it was all about

Lovers find meaning in funny places

They don’t discriminate

In the pitch of dark

Or on the brightest day

Love is never late

Smooching in the sand

In the clear night air

Or watching moonlight go out

There is never too much joy

To share

And when the tide…

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Life I feel your spring

Crisp the morning air with sweet undefined odors blending

 One sun of a thousand stars taking time to encompass me

Moist branches hands unclenched

A spider web against the sky

Songbirds… masters of the sky

 Sigh as they pass overhead

Dropping small bits of sound

From mouths unfed

One last snow pile in the woods

Hiding from the rays of light

Melting into the past

Holding on to shadows


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Failure is Never Final

When at first you strive the pain is very real

It’s as if life is fighting

And it’s all you can feel

That is when a voice within you starts to cry

“It’s time to quit, saying goodbye,

I’ve paid my price why even try”.

You start anew on Life’s crusade

To achieve, to shine, just to have it fade

And from your knees

You begin to view

What was the former you

You start to wince when others say

“I love…

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Duke the Physician of My Heart!

How a name of a canine

Evokes such a dearth of longing

Through the wet sadness

 my memory of his departing

My minds eyes can’t help but smile

Eager to jump over mountains of snow

Just to let me know he loved me

Bringing the ball back to tease me with it

When I was full of stress from bent rainbows

Life left everywhere

Licking my wounds before I knew I had them

A real friend I could call…

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Song: Pearls of Wonder

Song: Pearls of wonder

The math of love

Two windows opened one window closed

Doesn’t equal anything but a breeze

On a windy night

She was my money

When everything was spent

We could love life even when

No one paid the rent

She made me feel

Empty was full

Night was day

And love is

How you play

Her imagination

Had wings

That touched me

And all was possible

In her eyes

So I loved her

Always but most of all


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The Bell Ringing Begins

the simple nodding

of compassionate


only the lovers


stars so empty

they dare not fall

the eager clouds

holding lightning and thunder

lest the rain cry too much

and tears

be too bold

one silver star

the night left

to never grow old..

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100 years of Earthen Days

I feel my fingers are not mine no more

Age has mis-shapened them

and wrinkles form lines in between

The flowers look at me differently

and the air does cough and snore through my ports

Hair shoots from awkward places

Eyebrows become mustaches

I am the…

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Autumn Tears

Watched  by the painted skies,

My floating memories like leaves,

Green yellow-red and orange,

Leaping from the trees.


Somehow the wind has lost my dreams,

Blowing harsh against the cold,

Seems my wishes are dashed,

Has life made me too old?



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September Surprise (song)


And so he splashed my world with color

Autumn played the song so well

The trees they gave their leaves to die

With the magic of His spell…

Tiny raindrops griped the branches

And they held on… oh… so tight…

Seems the wishes were in bloom

As the…

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The Child In Me…

The silly rebel who became so serious

When the words became his meaning

And wrote on his indelible soul…

Thou art the strangest beast!

Inside his troubled mind

He wrote the muddy dirt of loving

Spit out his sadness and proposed

Before her father could…

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Poetry…Shame on me

The writer bled

Where he learned to bleed

With the poems who knew they would always be alone

On the bard tree


You see…

He knew he had to write anyway.

Tortured by the elite

Crawling at their collective feet

He nurtured the wound

Performing the…

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19 Granite Mountain Hotshots…We Salute Thee

Out in the fires

Where life is really lived

Danger has flesh and blood

And no heroes exist

Just us…

We provide protection

And feel the heat of another day

Trees explode and snap, while smoke burns your lungs

And the fire jumps in the wind

We only know how…

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Boston Marathon: A Race Where Not All Reach That Finish Line

Poetry in pieces on the street

choking on the hatred of words too loud to swallow,

innocence dies,

blood cries,


still lives in Boston.

Stars burned the night,

voices silenced,

roaming a heaven full of prayers holding hands with fate.

Fear in their…

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February’s White Storm…Breathes…

Why are storms so beautiful…so meant to be…they forgive no weakness…spare no tree…

Blinding drifting white…the marshmallow morning…swallowing the green and brown of winter…blowing life around …and burying it for fun…

White drift heaps on the screens…

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